Came to life in the spring
When grass grows and birds sing

Nurtured by the sun
With gentle winds and merry fun

Faced fears in the rain
Fought sadness and pain

Taught by the fall
That all hear death’s call

Learnt to let things go
In the harsh, unforgiving snow

Came by the spring, like before
And knew that there would be many more

Overflowing with emotions!!!

Today, I did something that had me gasping for air, tearing at my hair and thinking about how this world is so unfair!

It made the ground beneath my feet shake; it made my heart go wild and it made my mind go numb.

My entire life seemed to shift, tearing at the seams, and my soul felt altered, like it will never be the same.

But the thrill that coursed like blood through my jittery veins and the aesthetic feelings that evoked euphoria from the deepest parts of my consciousness aroused my mind, heart and soul more than the hiraeth terrified them.

A new doorway had been opened for me, full of strange new worlds; exciting and terrifying adventures invited me to have a taste, delicious and poisonous.

I did have a taste, and now that I have swallowed ambrosia, I will never be able to keep myself away from it. I will have that soul-shattering, life-changing, heart-pounding, mind-blowing experience again, and again, and again and then some more…

What did I do?

I read a book.

_my thoughts after I got addicted to books…


I can feel the sun over my head
I can feel the wind in my hair
I can feel the grass tickling my feet
And I feel the world is right here.
I can feel the breath leaving my lungs
I can feel the beats of my heart
I can feel the goosebumps on my skin
And I feel the sense in being alive.
I can feel the tears wetting my eyes
I can feel the blush staining my cheeks
I can feel the smile stretching my lips
And I feel the emotions that make up life.
I feel like I am warm
I feel like I am safe
I feel like I am happy
And I feel like I am infinite.

To Feel…

The rains are her tears
The storm is her fury
Now her face is a blank canvas
Calm yet tormented, peaceful yet eerie

Sunlight used to be her love
Rainbows had been her smiles
Now her heart is locked in its cage
Her warmth out of her reach for miles

The mountains are her strength
The ocean is her pain
Now her eyes are dry and empty
With nothing to lose, nothing to gain

Meadows had been her care
Forests had been her passion
Now she feels drained of all life
None of her troubles have any solution

The sky is her sacrifice
The plains are her regrets
Now she has nothing else to give
No more tears and no more sweats

The snow used to be her comfort
Fire used to be her desire
Now all she feels is nothing at all
Her numbness and vaugeness never tire

It’s not comfort she longs for
Neither the kindness they’ll never give
All she wants is to feel
To feel, to cry, to smile, to live.

A Hero

Tears drying on my face
Heart sprinting like it’s in a race
Blood gushing through my veins
Body aching with dull pains
But only your face is on my mind
Your eyes shining, bright and kind
Your lips are curved in a smile
And I feel calm for a while
I know I am going to die
Writhing and screaming, I’m going to cry
But the memory of your hands holding mine
Is the only thing in this darkness that has a shine
I won’t give up; I won’t let you down
Nothing pains me like your face with a frown
I hope you are proud of me
Your valiant soldier I’d promised to be
Today I have tried to fulfill that promise
Please seal my memories with a loving kiss
My eyes are closed but I can hear your voice
Peaceful and loving, you say I don’t have a choice
I am letting go now
To death I bow
But always know that I’ll be yours
You are the last thing I see before the lights close.

Unlock your feelings

You can roam endlessly in the past

Or witness legends breathe their last.

You can see what’s in the future

Or have your favourite kind of adventure.

You can sit on the top of the world

And touch the passionate feelings unfurled.

You can meet your beloved heroes

And watch them beat all their foes.

You can feel joy and sadness

And see yourself spiral into madness.

You can solve numerous crimes

Or fall in love a hundred times.

You can kill a horrible ghost

Or watch the biggest ships from the bluest coast.

You can kill a dragon and woo a mermaid

Or walk into battlefield, never afraid.

You can bask in domestic bliss

Or see how it’s like to receive Death’s kiss.

You can live a life you always wanted

And leave behind what had you haunted.

Or you can forget reality for a while

And feel the feelings that’ll make you smile.

The best way to open your soul,

The one that’ll make you feel whole,

Is to take a serious look

At the wonderful thing that is a book.

Oh look!

Oh look, the sky is crying.

It’s roaring in pain;

It’s being stabbed by thunders

And it looks all grey and slain.

But oh look, the tears are subsiding;

The pain is rapidly ebbing away.

It’s calm, the grey’s gone

And the sunlight frolics, merry and gay.

Oh look, the mist has scattered.

The clouds have landed on the hills.

You can’t see a single thing;

All beauty is hidden, all madness and all thrills.

But oh look, a sliver of green and gold,

You can glimpse the veiled sights;

Everything is clear now,

All the trees and valleys, and all the lights.

Oh look, my heart is breaking

The pit of anxiety and numbness feels immense.

I feel like kicking, and screaming, and dying

But I owe it to me to have some sense.

But oh look, I am coping;

Time and silence have done their work.

Now I can live again,

With shining eyes and lips curved in a smirk.